What is Presencing?

Presencing is sort of a mash-up of the Buddhist ‘Be Here Now’ practice of ‘being present’ and a Bohmian-Dialog-Thinking-Together kind of awareness that is broader than oneself and is sensing the future as it is emerging in the ‘space’ between us.

The concept comes from Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.

In Scharmer’s words

Presencing – requires the tuning of three instruments: the open mind, the open heart, and the open will. This opening process is not passive but an active “sensing” together as a group. While an open heart allows us to see a situation from the whole, the open will enables us to begin to act from the emerging whole. . . Presencing is the capacity to connect to the deepest source of self and will allows the future to emerge from the whole rather than from a smaller part or special interest group.

In Theory U, there are three levels of organizational change: Structure, Process, and Thought. If you change the structure of the organization without changing the Processes, the change won’t be very effective. Change the Processes without changing thinking, and it will only be moderately effective. But if you can change thinking, and look to the future instead of the past, change can be profound.

Theory U is a framework for developing insight into and creating methodologies for helping human systems access that level of profound change.


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