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What is Presencing?

Presencing is sort of a mash-up of the Buddhist ‘Be Here Now’ practice of ‘being present’ and a Bohmian-Dialog-Thinking-Together kind of awareness that is broader than oneself and is sensing the future as it is emerging in the ‘space’ between us. The concept comes from Otto Scharmer’s Theory U. In Scharmer’s words Presencing – requires… Continue Reading

Presencing and Theory U

Leading from the Future as it Emerges Theory U is a change management method targeting leadership as a process of inner knowing and social innovation. It has been a valuable tool in organization development and social development. Developed in Europe in the 60’s, it has been elaborated upon by C. Otto Scharmer, in collaboration between… Continue Reading

"For a woman to explore and express the fullness of her sexuality, her emotional and intellectual capacities, would entail who knows what risks and who knows what truly revolutionary alteration of the social conditions that demean and constrain her."

-Louise J. Kaplan - Female Perversions