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Just Lunch – Beginning of an Emergence

So once I concluded that Lunch Guy’s anonymity was conditional, I realized that if he approached & I didn’t want to be around him, I could just say that – why pretend a twisted civility that just protects everyone from seeing the impact of their behavior? Why get all uptight & carry the mess alone,… Continue Reading

Just Lunch – Afterthoughts

It’s been over a year since the Lunch Guy drama was at it’s peak. Almost a year since my writing about it wound down. Other small things have happened that strike me as worth mentioning. Once he sat next to me at a training and I left. I knew there was no way his presence… Continue Reading

Just Lunch Epilogue 3 – Initial Reaction

So – I get the response and begin to unpack it. First, I’m impressed. It’s taken a month (which I consider good – I didn’t want his instant reflexive reaction) and he’s responding better than I expected. That he didn’t run away is almost astounding. Plus, I instantly want to jump in and amplify all… Continue Reading

Just Lunch Epilogue 2 – His Response

So – I can deduce from the IP address accessing the hidden pages and my stat counter that he’s reading my posts. It takes him a month to respond, which I think is a good sign – at least he hasn’t flown off the handle, though he could be nursing a slow burn. In any… Continue Reading

It’s Just Lunch – Completion

Twenty-fourth in a series [gs *] Another pre-dawn insight – knowledge that comes from the threshold between sleep and waking. This one is not a memory. I’ve been struggling with this lunch series. Loathing it all in certain ways, profoundly fascinated by it in others – like some sick mad scientist who believes he’s uncovered… Continue Reading

It’s Just Lunch – Mea Culpa

Twenty-third in a series [gs *] The last sentance of lunch-guy’s that I havn’t yet shared with you, which comes back to haunt me, was spoken after the end of the hand holding exercise, just after I’d rested my hand on his heart, as we stood there, preparing to leave. That moment when I finally… Continue Reading

"For a woman to explore and express the fullness of her sexuality, her emotional and intellectual capacities, would entail who knows what risks and who knows what truly revolutionary alteration of the social conditions that demean and constrain her."

-Louise J. Kaplan - Female Perversions