Sacred Whore Women's Wisdom

The Power of a Whore’s Body


Here’s a funny thing I learned a long time ago: Prostitution is deeply embedded in all civilized bodies, in one way or another. The chronic collective repression of everything it represents makes it not only a huge part of our collective shadow, but also a collectively visceral shadow.

I know this because when I say ’I was a prostitute’, I can feel everyone present having a visceral response. Physical revulsion, or fear, or titillation, or hatred, or relief, but something. Bodily. Those are words that vibrate through human matter. They retain the original ‘power of the word’.

So the moment I say them, the body engages. Simply voicing my Active Feminine self, explicitly, in public, is a wild act of defiance against the Separate Self Shame Pool.

My defiance creates an in-the-moment visceral vibration along the strands of our connection that is far more powerful at revealing our essential interbeing than all the theories and methods in the world. It is one of those small changes that has a huge impact.

I’ve learned that all I have to do to change the world is to show up and stay engaged & intentional. And occasionally strum on the whore-strands to wake people up again.