Just Lunch

Just Lunch Epilogue 2 – His Response

So – I can deduce from the IP address accessing the hidden pages and my stat counter that he’s reading my posts. It takes him a month to respond, which I think is a good sign – at least he hasn’t flown off the handle, though he could be nursing a slow burn. In any case, here is what finally arrives in my in-box:

Hi Christine,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – there was a lot to read and a lot to process, but I wanted to let you know that I have read your blog.  I definitely have a deeper appreciation for your story and reality – thank you for sharing.  Clearly, I was oblivious about a lot of things.

It has been heart-wrenchingly painful to know that I caused so much pain.  It has been difficult being the target of your wrath.  I have been struggling with forgiving myself, but the evolution of your story / process has helped me quite a bit.  I am relieved, delighted and thrilled that you were able to find a few “kernels” in an otherwise mucky situation.  I was moved and inspired to see how your rage turned to reconciliation, how furor turned to forgiveness.  I believe you have revealed and demonstrated one of life’s most important and potent secrets.

I don’t fully understand all of your reflections, interpretations and analyses around what happened, but I found them intriguing nonetheless.  Your perspective is illuminating and at the same time raised more questions in my mind.

I am happy to share my own perspective and answer your questions, although I have done a pretty crappy job communicating verbally or through written words, so I am a bit wary about putting yet another foot in my mouth.

Maybe you would be up for Lunch (take 2) with lunch guy?  This time, we can both show up the way we hoped to show up and see what happens.  And / or, would you and your husband be open to having afternoon tea with my wife and I?  We could use our collective presence as an “opportunity for something new” – to celebrate vulnerability, forgiveness and healing.

If neither of those are of interest, no problem – I understand. 

Please know that I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with you.  Even though things unfolded in a ugly way, it seems that there was tremendous growth on both sides.  I guess some of the most beautiful things in life grow out of mud.

Thank you for sticking it out and sharing your story in great depth.  You are a women of dignity and grace and I know the world is going to benefit from all you have to offer.

Warmest Regards,

Lunch Guy

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